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4 月 12 日,我们部署了一个更新到我们的网络,允许在 v2ray 服务器上完全访问 ChatGPT。

On April 12 we have deployed an update to our network which allows full access to ChatGPT on v2ray servers.


JustMySocks 网络上的 ChatGPT

简短的摘要:好消息!从 2023 年 4 月 12 日开始,我们的所有客户现在都可以使用 ChatGPT 访问权限,而无需进行任何额外的配置更改。

Shadowsocks 服务器(s1、s2):您可以在现有/登录会话上使用 ChatGPT,但请注意登录页面将被阻止。v2ray 服务器(s3、s4、s5、s801):您现在拥有完整的 ChatGPT 功能,包括登录和使用。但是,由于我们已经实施了使其工作的解决方法,它可能比 s1 和 s2 慢一点。


我们了解如今访问 ChatGPT 的重要性。最近,从我们的网络和许多其他数据中心/托管提供商连接到 OpenAI 服务器变得越来越困难。令人沮丧的是,一家旨在帮助人们的公司正在限制对这种有价值的工具的访问。他们可能面临滥用,但简单地阻止众多提供商并不是正确的解决方案,特别是考虑到他们的使命。您可能已经注意到我们处理这个问题已有一段时间了。我们尽一切努力通过各种渠道联系 OpenAI 希望找到解决方案,但遗憾的是,我们没有收到任何回复。

尽管遇到了这个挫折,我们一直在不知疲倦地研究我们自己的解决方法,该解决方法于 4 月 12 日启动。我们对其迄今为止的表现非常满意,并且正在密切监视网络以确保良好的性能,我们已准备好采取必要时采取进一步行动。

此消息的部分内容是在 ChatGPT 的帮助下编写的。


ChatGPT on JustMySocks network

Short summary:

Great news! Starting from April 12, 2023, ChatGPT access is now available for all our customers without any extra configuration changes.

Shadowsocks servers (s1, s2): You can use ChatGPT on existing/logged in sessions, but be aware that the login page will be blocked.

v2ray servers (s3, s4, s5, s801): You now have full ChatGPT functionality, including login and use. However, it might be a tad slower than on s1 and s2 due to the workaround we’ve implemented to make it work.

More details:

We understand how crucial it is to have access to ChatGPT nowadays. Lately, connecting to OpenAI servers from our network and many other datacenters/hosting providers has been increasingly difficult. It’s disheartening that a company aiming to help people is limiting access to such a valuable tool. They might be facing abuse, but simply blocking numerous providers isn’t the right solution, especially given their mission.

You might have noticed that we’ve been tackling this issue for some time now. We made every effort to contact OpenAI through various channels in hopes of finding a resolution, but sadly, we received no response.

Despite this setback, we’ve been working tirelessly on our own workaround, which was launched on April 12. We’re very happy with its performance so far and are closely monitoring the network to ensure good performance, and we’re ready to take further action if necessary.

Parts of this message have been written with the help of ChatGPT.

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