Google Drive Directory Index
Combining the power of Cloudflare Workers and Google Drive will allow you to index you files on the browser on Cloudflare Workers.

index.js is the content of the Workers script.


1. Aicirou/goindex-theme-acrou

Worker Script (Dark Mode) : index.js

link: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alx-xlx/goindex/master/goindex-acrou/go2index/index.js

Worker Script (Multiple Google Accounts) : index-multiple-accounts.js

Demo – goindex.teamsdrives.workers.dev

Copy the index.js script to workers.dev and edit client_idclient_secretrefresh_token with yours

index.js link address: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alx-xlx/goindex/master/goindex-acrou/go2index/index.js


GoIndex Auto Code Builder


Simply visit this Modified (only for Dark Mode) version to automatically generate your index.js without having to manually edit anything.

List View – Dark Mode


Thumbnail View – Dark Mode


Toggle View


2. maple3142/GDIndex

Worker Script – index.js

link : https://github.com/alx-xlx/goindex/blob/2.0.8-darkmode-0.1/goindex-vue.js

Upload Files using CLI gdindex_upload.py

## Python Example
import requests

# "upload: true" in the script
to_upload = "https://i.imgur.com/8w2KDrG.gif"
baseURL = "https://gdindex-dark.teamsdrives.workers.dev/"
# "folder1/folder2/goindex.gif"
# Subdirectories of Folder in Google Drive
fileName = "folder1/folder2/goindex.gif"
# Default teamDriveID is "root"
teamDriveID = "0ANCHcQq-8cmvUk9PVA"

URL = baseURL + "/" + fileName + "?rootId=" + teamDriveID + "&url=" + to_upload
r = requests.put(URL)

Demo – gdindex-dark.teamsdrives.workers.dev

Demo – Dark Mode

3. donwa/goindex

Workers Script – index.js

link: https://github.com/alx-xlx/goindex/blob/2.0.8-darkmode-0.1/goindex.js


Demo Classic : goindex-classic.teamsdrives.workers.dev

Demo Material: goindex-material.teamsdrives.workers.dev


1.Install rclone software locally
2.Follow https://rclone.org/drive/ bind a drive
3.Execute the commandrclone config file to find the file rclone.conf path
4.Open rclone.conf,find the configuration root_folder_id and refresh_token
5.Download index.js in https://github.com/donwa/goindex and fill in root and refresh_token
6.Deploy the code to Cloudflare Workers

Free Teamdrives

Get free Google Shared Drives

Quick Deployment

1.Open https://goindex.glitch.me/
2.Auth and get the code
3.Deploy the code to Cloudflare Workers


Use this when you want to host everything

Get Google ClientID and SecretID

Log into the Google API Console [https://console.developers.google.com/] with your Google account. It doesn’t matter which Google account you use. (It need not be the same account as the Google Drive you want to access)

Select a project or create a new project.

Under “ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES” search for “Drive”, and enable the “Google Drive API”.

Click “Credentials” in the left-side panel (not “Create credentials”, which opens the wizard).

It will prompt you to set the OAuth consent screen product name, if you haven’t set one already.

OAuth Consent Screen > User Type > External > Application Name

Click “Credentials” in the left-side panel, then “Create credentials”, then “OAuth client ID”.

Choose an application type of “other”, and click “Create”. (the default name is fine)

It will show you a client ID and client secret. Use these values in rclone config to add a new remote or edit an existing remote

Setup rclone

Install rclone software locally
Follow https://rclone.org/drive/ bind a drive

Use the client_id & client_secret while setup

Execute the command rclone config file to find the file rclone.conf path

open rclone’s config file, here we will find following Configurations (we will need these in next steps)

  • client_id
  • client_secret
  • refresh_token
  • ROOT_FOLDER (will be like 0AG1OSyxjvYcLUk9PVA)

Setup Cloudfare Workers

Go to [https://workers.cloudflare.com/]

signup using email and password enter a subdomain [____.workers.dev] —> Set up

Choose Workers Plan (FREE)

  • FREE – 10000 request/day
  • $5/month – 10M requests/month

Verify Email Goto Workers —> “Create a Worker”

Now copy the Content of the index.js to the script section

Edit this object in the script with the details you generated above

var authConfig = {
    "siteName": "GoIndex", // Sitename
    "root_pass": "",  // root password, leave it blank if you don't want
    "version" : "1.0.6", // Program Version
    "hash" : "master", // master OR your HASH, do not leave blank (changes each time you make a commit)
    "theme" : "classic", // material  classic 
    "client_id": "****************************.apps.googleusercontent.com", // client_id from rclone config
    "client_secret": "*******************", // client_secret from rclone config
    "refresh_token": "******************************************", // authorized refresh token from rclone config
    "root": "0AG1OSyxjvYcLUk9PVA" // ROOT_FOLDER from rclone config,

Important Note :

  • if you have binded Teamdrive with rclone then make sure you specify the TeamDrive’s root folder. Example – [“root”: “0AG1OSyxjvYcLUk9PVA”]
  • but if you want to use “My Drive” then simply write “root”. Example – [“root”: “root”]
  • Each time you make a commit to a file its HASH changes, so to access the new file you have to specify the hash OR keep it default "hash" : "master"

Host src file in your own github repo

why ?

you can change the icon of the folders and files and much more

replace the below line in head with yours

src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/combine/gh/jquery/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js,gh/<USERNAME>/<REPOSITORY>@<VERSION or HASH>/PATH/TO/FILE.js"

Example :

src="//cdn.jsdelivr.net/combine/gh/jquery/jquery/dist/jquery.min.js,gh/alx-xlx/[email protected]${authConfig.hash}/themes/${authConfig.theme}/app.js"

Change Icons

SOON https://www.w3.org/Icons/ https://www.w3.org/icons/ https://www.base64-image.de/


Cloudflare Workers allow you to write JavaScript which runs on all of Cloudflare’s 150+ global data centers.

Credits – Original Authors

goindex-theme-acrou – Aicirou

GDIndex – maple3142

goindex – donwa