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GDIndex is similar to GOIndex. It allows you to deploy a “Google Drive Index” on CloudFlare Workers along with many extra features

By the way, instead of modify from GOIndex, this is a total rewrite


Difference between GOIndex and GDIndex

  • Frontend is based on Vue.js
  • Image viewer doesn’t require opening new page
  • Video player support subtitles(Currently only srt is supported)
  • Online PDF, EPUB reader
  • No directory-level password protection(.password)
  • Support Http Basic Auth
  • Support multiple drives(personal, team) without changing server’s code


Simple and automatic way

Go, and follow its instructions.

Manual way

  1. Install rclone
  2. Setup your Google Drive:
  3. Run rclone config file to find your rclone.conf location
  4. Find refresh_token in your rclone.conf, and root_folder_id too(optionally).
  5. Copy the content of worker/dist/worker.js to CloudFlare Workers.
  6. Fill refresh_tokenroot_folder_id and other options on the top of the script.
  7. Deploy!

Using service accounts

  1. Create a service account, a corresponding service account key, and get the JSON from the Google Cloud Platform console
  2. In the props object, replace the service_account_json value with the contents of the service account JSON file and set service_account to true.
  3. Make sure that the service account in question has access to the folder specified in root_folder_id
  4. Deploy

Lite mode

This mode will serve a simple nginx-like directory listing, and it only work with one drive. upload will be ignored in this mode.

On the top of the script, change lite: false into lite: true, than thats all.

To enable on-the-fly lite mode, especially with command-line applications, you can include a HTTP header x-lite: true in your requests.

Lite mode demo

GDIndex 是一个类似 GOIndex 的东西,可以在 CloudFlare Workers 上架设 Google Drive 的目录,并提供许多功能

另外,这个并不是从 GOIndex 修改来了,而是直接重写


和 GOIndex 不同之处

  • 前端使用 Vue 完成
  • 查看图片不用另开新窗口
  • 视频播放器支持字幕(目前只支持 srt)
  • 支持在线阅读 PDF, EPUB
  • 不支持目录加密(.password)
  • 支持 Http Basic Auth
  • 无需修改程序,即可接入多个云端硬盘(个人、团队)



前往英文) 并遵照它的指示。


  1. 安装 rclone
  2. 设定 Google Drive:
  3. 执行 rclone config file 以找到你的 rclone.conf
  4. 在 rclone.conf 中寻找 refresh_token 以及 root_folder_id (可选)
  5. 复制 worker/dist/worker.js 的内容到 CloudFlare Workers
  6. 在脚本顶端填上 refresh_tokenroot_folder_id 以及其他的选项
  7. 部署!


  1. 创建一个服务帐户,一个相应的服务帐户密钥,然后从[Google Cloud Platform控制台]获取JSON(
  2. 在props对象中,将service_account_json值替换为服务帐户JSON文件的内容,并将service_account设置为true
  3. 确保所涉及的服务帐户有权访问“ root_folder_id”中指定的文件夹
  4. 部署